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Paris, France |

Paris Peonies Hot Press 1

Paris Peonies Hot Press 1

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Inspired by a trip to Paris during peony season, when the markets exploded with ruffly pink blooms.

About the Series: "On arriving in Paris, one of my first stops is always the neighborhood marché or florist for a big bunch of flowers. If I'm lucky enough to be there in May or June, it's inevitably a bouquet of peonies. After a day spent wandering the city, in the evening I pop back to my apartment, open a bottle of wine or champagne and paint the rest of the day away. These moments spent alone while the beauty of life in the city continues just outside my window inspire me long after I've returned home. This series of peony paintings, some created in Paris, some the from inspiration carried home, are among my personal favorite works that I've created. It makes me happy just to look at them."

Original watercolor on Arches hot press paper

10 x 14 inches

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About This Piece

"One of my all time favorite Paris memories is of hours spent lost in the petals of a bouquet of peonies picked up on the rue des Saints-Pères, while the light outside the apartment window shifted from bright blue to the color of the rosé in my glass and the paint on my palette. When I returned home, I continued to be inspired by those hours, letting the vision of that bouquet wash over hot press paper in my studio. Like peony season, a trip to Paris is never long enough, but these watercolors keep the moment alive."