New Work Available At Watson Kennedy

New Work Available At Watson Kennedy

Just dropped a new series of bright, happy, Matisse-inspired original watercolors off at Watson Kennedy here in Seattle.

In Paris last winter, Matisse's "Tulips and Oysters on a Black Background" caught my eye while wandering the Picasso Museum. All of my favorite things together captured by one of my favorite artists - tulips, oysters, a bottle of wine, blue and white...  That night I ate oysters and sipped champagne and did my own little sketch in tribute. And an oyster theme showed up in a painting or two when I came home.

Fast forward a year and it's been an especially wet, gray, drippy late winter and early spring. The Matisse has been on my mind and I realized that all the elements in that painting are the things that help me get through to bright sunny days. The bleaker the weather, the more tulips I buy and oysters I eat, washed down with champagne.

All of those things can be found in this latest delivery of work made just for Watson Kennedy - I described them to Ted Kennedy Watson as "happy-oystery-bubbly-tulipy-goodness" when they lived only in my mind's eye. Now you can find them hanging in the shop - and take them home to brighten your own day. Give the store a ring to find out more details: 1.800.991.9361.


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