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Great Point Light Nantucket

Great Point Light Nantucket

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One of an small collection of original watercolors inspired by Nantucket summers and a triptych of the island's lighthouses.

On the Collection:
"To me, the island captures the very essence of summer - it is beach walks and bike rides, sailing and surf, hydrangeas and climbing roses. Losing entire days sitting on a gray shingled porch or stretched out on a towel in the sand, getting lost in a book. It's peaceful and lively, casual and classic. Painting Nantucket allows me to turn summer from a passing moment into a lasting memory."

Original watercolor on Arches paper

Deckled edges

5 x 7 inches

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About This Piece

"The lighthouses of Nantucket fascinate me. They stand guard, they offer direction when the way is obscured, and they are recognizable symbols of the place, a nod to the history and the past, but still very much a part of current island life. From the way that holidays and seasons are marked with decorations on Brant Point Light, to the distant and Northernmost Great Point, whose light still guides mariners' navigation. Each has its own personality, and in my mind, the Great Point Light seems a little lonely in its extreme and remote location, but still stands dignified in it's solitude."