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Le Rostand

Le Rostand

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Original watercolor

10 x 7 inches

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Inspired by a recent trip to Paris

The Series:
Paris always inspires, no many how many times I visit. Painting is a way to sift through and edit the overwhelming number of amazing things I see in in the city, where my eyes are constantly ping-ponging from the tiniest details to the most monumental of monuments. Sketching while the world is walking by as I sit at a sidewalk table and pretend to drink my coffee, with field boxes and supplies scattered across chairs at the Jardin du Luxembourg, or settled in my makeshift studio at the end of the day, my paints help sort through and make sense of everything I see, and to store it all away safely in my mind.

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About This Piece

My first introduction to Paris was through en plein air painting workshops organized by an American who called the city home. She arranged for us to stay at a charming hotel just a few blocks from the Jardin du Luxembourg and the entrance on the Place Edmond Rostand. Both before and after spending hours in the sun, hunched over a sketch book and field box, I would retreat to the Le Rostand café -  sometimes with friends, sometimes just with my thoughts and my paints - and recharge with an espresso or pichet of rosé. Just walking past the café so many years later and suddenly I am 20 something again, being newly acquainted with my favorite city for the first time.