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Nantucket | June 2022

North Wharf Nantucket Walk

North Wharf Nantucket Walk

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From the Summertime Memories Collection, one of 11 original watercolors inspired by a June 2022 trip to Nantucket and summer at its best.

Original watercolor on Arches paper

Deckled edges

7 x 9 inches

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Notes from Jeanne

"My favorite place to walk to view Nantucket in bloom, sometimes it's hard to see where the flowers on the Old North Wharf leave off and the gray shingles begin. A golden hour wander here makes me feel as if I've stepped into another world of cottages covered in a scramble of climbing roses, hydrangeas bobbing in welcome, and doors painted to match the blooms."

Painted In Nantucket. June 2022.

Summertime Memories

Inspired by that moment when roses are in first blush and hydrangeas are colored in perfect blues, lavenders and pinks - when summer seems to stretch out endlessly ahead of us.

We were lucky enough to spend some time on Nantucket at this very moment last June, and I wish those days could have lasted forever – or at least that I could bottle them up and uncork them on bleak January days or gray and rainy March afternoons.

Nantucket is always the essence of summer to me – hydrangeas on the North Wharf, roses climbing over ‘Sconset rooftops, bike rides and beach walks, rosé and lobster rolls. Capturing them in paint is my way of making summer last well beyond a date in the calendar. My hope is that they make the season’s most beautiful memories last for you.